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Why You Can Trust Sargeant’s Roofing Process


We like to think of ourselves as the Goldilocks of roofing companies in Edmonton. Some roofers are too small — they lack the proper coverage or insurance to be able to provide any real sense of reliability, they don’t have enough installations under their belt, and are often very difficult to communicate with due to a lack of an online presence. On the other hand, huge national chains have far too many people to deal with to ensure that your individual needs are being met in any meaningful way, they’re often slow to respond to communications, have several overly-complicated contracts, and often use subcontracted crews with questionable certifications. 

Then there’s Sargeant’s Roofing — the “Just Right” solution. We’re fully insured and have WCB (workers’ compensation) coverage, so homeowners have zero liability. We’re family-owned and operated, we’re a local Edmonton business, and our crews have over 45 years of combined experience in roofing. We hold our crews to a high conduct standard, ensuring that they are always friendly and professional. And best of all, working with Sargeant’s is easy — our work contracts are simple, we have easy, low-interest financing and credit options, we use local suppliers, and our online presence and customer service are second to none.

Our Roofing Process Includes:


  • Full Roof Inspection Using Drone and iPad technology
  • 6-Step Installation Process
    • Starter Shingles & Eave Protection
    • Underlayment
    • Ice & Water Barrier
    • Shingles
    • Hip & Ridge
    • Thousands of Nails
  • Comprehensive 3-Step Clean-Up Process
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Our 6-Step Roofing Process


Starter Shingles and Eave Protection

In any new roof installation or replacement, the first shingles to be laid down are the starter shingles. These are asphalt-based strips of shingles that are designed to waterproof your roof’s eaves. This first strip of shingles is incredibly important — they will help protect against shingle blow-off, they will help orient all of the other rows of shingles being laid down, and they’ll help protect the edges of your roof that would otherwise be particularly vulnerable.


Before we get busy putting down the rest of your shingles, we’ll need to put down a special waterproof layer of protection called an “underlayment.” This layer of waterproof material is laid directly onto your roof’s decking material and is an essential barrier between your home and Mother Nature, helping to protect against rain, snow, and wind.

Ice and Water Barrier

This step is an absolute must for homes in Canada, as “ice and water” is pretty much a way of life. An ice and water barrier is an additional membrane layer that we put down on top of the underlayment to help protect your roof from the damaging effects of snow and freezing water. If you’ve ever experienced the damaging effects of ice dams in your roof structure, you’ll understand just how vital this component of roof installation is.


This is the stage where your roof will really start to look like a roof. Sergeant’s Roofing specializes exclusively in three types of roofing materials: asphalt, rubber, and cedar. We’ll lay down shingles row by row, and use our decades of experience to ensure that all of your roof’s planes and valleys are shingled to perfection.

Hip and Ridge Shingles

These special shingles are the finishing touch to your roof’s shingle system. Hip and ridge shingles are placed on the peaks and valleys of your roofline. Their purpose is to provide a protective bridge that brings two slopes of a roof together, making your roof weather tight.

Thousands Upon Thousands of Nails

Sargeant’s Roofing uses special shingles with a larger nailing area than most company’s use. We do this on purpose, and we will always use six nails in every shingle (the standard is four, by the way.) Doing this means that you are eligible for the high wind warranty!

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3-Step Clean-Up


According to many of our satisfied customers, our clean-up procedure ended up being one of our biggest selling points! It consists of three named steps:

    • Prepare: We tarp your entire yard and protect all decorative yard features, or move them if necessary.
  • Prevent: We never blindly drop materials off the roof — we are always aware of what and who is below us.
  • Pride: Before finishing up a roofing job, we use a special magnet rake, brooms, and a full-crew effort to leave the job site cleaner than it was before we started!

Edmonton's Top-Tier Local Roofing Company


Sargeant's Roofing is a BP + Malarkey Certified roofing company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have all of the correct insurance and WCB coverages to accommodate a safe and risk-free roofing project for you and for us! We proudly serve the greater Edmonton area, including Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, and more. For superior roofing services that you can trust, contact Sargeant's Roofing today and schedule your consultation!