What to Ask Yourself Before Replacing Your Roof Part 2

The Decision To Replace Your Roof Isn’t A Small One, And It’s Important To Know A Few Things Before You Make It:

A new roof isn’t cheap, and the decision to install a new roof on your home isn’t one you should take lightly. But the good news is that a little know-how can go a long way towards helping you make the right choice about your roof, and that’s why, in our last blog, our roofing experts in Edmonton went over a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to replace your roof. Here are a few more questions to consider:

Will You Have To Strip Off Your Old Roof?

If you have a shingle roof on your home, you may be able to save more on the cost of replacing your roof by having your contractor add the new roof on top of your existing one. While every homeowner wants to save money on their new roof, there are a number of factors you should consider when determining if you can roof over your existing roof or if it will have to be removed first, including:

  • Are the existing shingles in good shape, or are they curling, buckling or leaking?
  • How many layers are already on your roof?
  • Can your roofing frame support the weight of two layers of shingles?

Make sure that you stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about the pros and cons of roofing over your existing roof, as well as how to tell if it’s the right option for you

Have You Considered Insulation And Ventilation?

In order to improve or maintain your home’s energy efficiency, as well as to prevent roofing issues, such as ice dams and condensation issues, your attic needs to be properly insulated and ventilated. When your contractors are installing your new roof, it’s an ideal time to ensure that your home is properly insulated, because it will provide your insulation contractor with easier access. It’s also important to get a detailed description from your roofing contractor about their ventilation plan. Don’t overlook these two, very important aspects when replacing your roof.

How Many Estimates Do You Have?

When you’re dealing with a project that is as big as roof replacement, you don’t just want to settle for the first estimate you get. Make sure that you know that you’ve chosen the right contractor and are getting a competitive price by collecting at least three estimates. However, be careful about simply choosing the cheapest estimate. If one estimate is significantly lower than the others, there’s probably a reason for it. The contractor might be inexperienced, they may use shoddy materials or they may not be properly insured or licensed. Regardless, don’t limit your research into roofing contractors to your estimates.

Is All Of The Paperwork In Order?

While it may only take a few days to install your new roof, it’s a project that is expensive and involves a large amount of liability. Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll need to make sure all of the paperwork is in order. Talk to your roofer about any building permits you might need, and ensure that your contractors know and will follow all roofing codes. You’ll also want to ensure that you have a written contract from your roofer that contains all of the details, products and costs associated with your new roof.

Don’t take the decision to install a new roof onto your home lightly. Gain the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve hired the right contractors for the job by turning to Sargeant’s Roofing. Contact us today to get started.