Benefits to Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home

Use Alternative Energy Solutions At Home

Alternative energy solutions and the advantages of solar energy are causing a lot of buzz these days. Everyone wants to figure out how to use solar roof tiles and other solar energy sources to power their homes. But did you know that you can power your electric car at your home? Sargeants Roofing can help you learn about the benefits of charging your electric vehicle at home in this article.


Saves Money

Charging your electric car at home saves you a lot of money because you will just install a charging station at your home. This means one flat fee and then maintenance fees to be paid, rather than a steep bill to charge your car at public charging stations. 


Charging at Home is Easier

Charging your car at home is just easier. You don’t have to worry about making time in the morning to find a charging station and then wait for your vehicle to be ready to go to work. You will also not have to worry about getting to your destination when you set out from your home.



Keep Your Car Safe

It is much safer to charge your car at home because you will not be leaving it unattended in a parking lot for a while it charges. This may not matter much in the area you live in, but parked cars are always open to theft in many places. 


Control Charging Times

Depending on your location, some areas will charge less at some hours of the day for power grid usage. This means that you can control when you plug in your car to take advantage of cheaper power.


Start Charging Your Electric Car at Home Today!

Charging your electric car at home offers many benefits that you might not be aware of. Do not be put off by the thought of installing a power outlet for your vehicle in your home. At Sargeants Roofing, we can offer you all the advice that you need to decide if charging your electric car at home is a good solution for you.