Emergency Roofing

Emergency Roof Repair in Edmonton

Disaster movies are a standard summer blockbuster event. There is the old classic, Stephen Spielberg’s “Jaws,” which is a cornerstone of the genre. Since Jaws was such a big success you can pretty much count on a huge disaster movie every summer. But what if you find yourself in the middle of your own disaster movie? At Sargeant’s Roofing, we know how to take care of the small to major roofing issues that you may encounter in the Edmonton area. We offer 24-hour services to ensure that you are not stuck with a leaky roof or a massive hole in your attic. We make it easy to have your roof fixed in a timely manner so you don’t need to stress about a leak. The emergency response team consists of some of our finest roofers that specialize in smaller jobs to get them done fast with no hassle.

Disasters Happen

If you think you are one of the lucky ones that will never be touched by a disaster — even a small disaster — we hope that you are correct. The sad fact is that most of us will have an event occur that is out of our control and we will need help to deal with it. Roof damage is just one of those types of events. Fortunately, all you need are the right numbers on your phone and you can move past a disaster in no time.

Lightning Strike

The subject of millions of videos on YouTube is the awesome power of lightning. As you know, we can get some pretty severe weather up here in Edmonton, and generally, lightning comes along with the heavy rain and hail (more about that later). When and where a lightning strike will occur is one of the great mysteries of the natural world, unfortunately sometimes lighting strikes a dwelling. When this occurs, it could severely damage the roof. Generally, a strike will start a fire, knock out power, and even leave a home with wiring damage. Being prepared for a lightning strike is just fine but you would be better off having an overall disaster plan because the chances of a lightning strike could be pretty low.


The worst-case scenario for your roof is a fire, which can be one of the most devastating disasters to touch your home. Regardless of where the fire starts, the results can cause major roof damage. Even if the roof is untouched, a fire in the interior of your home will likely be accessed through the roof, meaning more damage. The worst part of a fire is the water damage that occurs when the fire department uses suppression methods.


Along with lightning and rain, hail accompanies many of the thunderstorms that we get in Edmonton. Hail is one of the single most devastating events that can affect your roof. The problem with hail is that it can produce damage that is not obvious right away, but will allow water to seep in and wreck the roof. Your roof can be damaged by small hail just as easily as the mammoth baseball-sized chunks that can fall from a strong thunderstorm.                              


Most of us think that we will never need to worry about getting hit by a meteor, but think again. There are documented accounts of meteors from outer space hitting people and homes. If this occurs, we think you should call a good lawyer first and then give us a call. It seems one can become quite famous if they are hit by a meteor and legal troubles can follow. If you happen to have a meteor hit your home it may or may not punch a hole in the roof, but if it does, count yourself one of the lucky ones and be sure and take lots of pictures for social media.

What To Do First

If you are in the midst of a disaster, the first thing to do is remain calm. Do not attempt to get up on the roof, particularly in the middle of a thunderstorm. Do not attempt to try and fix your roof as it could be compromised structurally and dangerous to walk on, depending on what has occurred. Stay in your home if it is safe, and contact the professionals at Sargeant’s Roofing and we will contact you as soon as possible.