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6 Milestones that Made Sargeants Roofing into the Company it is Today

Joe Sargeant worked for a highly respected company in Spruce Grove for 7 years and the company sold to new owners with no roofing experience. Joe was considered to be the “experience” or “intellectual property” asset to make it a “turn key” roofing business. However he was never appreciated or treated with respect. He was given no stake in the company's success and was frequently put in positions to work unsafely or cut corners so he quit. This was his first job out of highschool.

NO. 1

Initially starting as a small subcontractor, he saw first hand the kind of work being hired by the “big” companies that rely solely on 3rd party labour to complete the jobs they sold. Understanding he was special, he said he would no longer let other companies put their sign out front of houses he put his quality craftsmanship on.

NO. 2

Recognizing some gaps in his business experience he Partnered with Adam Sand who had a wealth of business management, marketing, and operations experience. With a strong partner by his side they overcame the challenges that cause most companies to fail in their first few years.

NO. 3
6 milestones phone
NO. 4

Experiencing triple digit growth 3 years in a row meant that well trained key people were needed to uphold our standards and expectations. Thats when we decided to learn from the mistakes of Joes Former employer and give Foreman shares in the company and a stake in our success. Our first foreman owner came on in 2017! He is still here to this day!

NO. 5

In 2019 Joe’s former employer, the Roofing Company he started at is for sale by the owner that used to be his Boss. Sargeants Roofing takes a trip down memory lane as they buy the tools and assets (but not the name) from his old boss. A truly rewarding experience to know that we are building our dream.

NO. 6

In 2020 we surpass 200 Google Reviews and 100 Facebook reviews and have held the title for the most reviewed highest rated roofing company by customers for several years. Solidifying our belief in our standards and expectations, documented into clearly defined processes, held together by ever-evolving systems.

Why Choose Us?


Managers are Owners:

The leadership team at Sargeants Roofing is hand picked and has ownership stake in the company. Just like WestJet! We believe that the customer always gets a better experience from an owner!


For Us, Good Roofing is just the Beginning:

Ask any of our installers how we determine their pay. They will tell you, it is 4 pillars. Leadership Skills, Site Management, Integrity and Roofing Ability on a foundation of Teamwork. Good roofing to us is the bare minimum to entry. We want your new roof installation to be a great EXPERIENCE and leave you with the confidence that you can refer us for years to come.


Locally Owned and Operated

Based out of West End, Edmonton, we are proud to be members of the local community and take pride in serving the city we live in.


We Teach First, and Sell Second:

When you request an estimate from us, you don’t get a “Wolf of Wallstreet” sales shark. You get an inspector. We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics. Instead we want to provide you with as MUCH information as possible, not as little as possible to maintain an unfair advantage. We provide a full job plan, line by line quotes and all the pictures you need to feel empowered to make an informed decision.


We Visit Every Site:

Although we could do 60 estimates a day instead of 6 by measuring roofs from Sattelites or Drones, we prefer to personally visit every site and only use those things for the measurements if safety concerns dictate it. This is so we can provide a boots on the ground analysis and a photographic job plan with every estimate. We slow down, to speed up as they say.


We’re Always Innovating:

Our target is to have an experience that you are familiar with when buying from large companies like Uber or Amazon. We continuously try to stay at the front of the curve to provide you with faster communication, better products, modern install practices, safer worksites and a more enjoyable customer focused experience. We meet every thursday and there is always an empty chair at every meeting that is to represent the customer. We always ask ourselves “What would the customer think?” before setting on any major decision. It might seem like overkill for a roofing company but we believe no matter what you do, we can choose to be great at it!

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