BP Certified Roofers in Edmonton!

Why should you work with Bp Certified Roofers?

Three words: Peace of Mind.

In order to become certified by BP, a roofer must be qualified and proven. Once A thorough understanding of BP’s Weather-Tite components, system and application methods are required and tested. A BP roofer must also have a current business license, been operating for a minimum of five years, carry a minimum of one million dollars of liability insurance, and have Workers’ Compensation Insurance on their employees. This means you know you are safe when you make this choice.

To extend this benefit further, BP’s Certified Roofers are also the only roofers who can offer an industry leading lifetime Extended Warranty. This can extend your warranty coverage to 50 years for labor and material costs which ensures you have peace of mind when the work is completed.

Going with a great roofer is only one half of the equation – you also need to have a superior product that will stand the test of time! With BP’s Weathertite system on the laminate shingles (Mystique and Manoir) there are a number of reasons you will be getting the best:

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BP’s shingles are the only ones on the market to sport two seal strips to adhere to the roof. This is the only product in the marketplace that give you 2 points of contact for the shingles to seal down to.

The enhanced sealing strips are now super aggressive and are your best defense against wind and the elements. Once sealed, this roof isn’t going anywhere!

BP also offers the only cost-effective shingles on the marketplace to contain an elastomeric rubber additive which increases the strength and flexibility of the shingle material. These products have the ruggedness to weather nearly any storm.

In short, dealing with a BP Certified Roofer & BP products ensures your home is Weather-Tite. Canadian shingles proudly made and installed by Canadians for our Canadian weather.

You need look no further than Building Products of Canada’s laminate shingles and have them professionally applied by a BP Certified Roofer.

BP’s Mystique 42 shingle offers hurricane-resistant protection and features two sealant bands that lock out water and wind driven rain to guarantee your peace of mind. Mystique 42 is a 42 inch Laminate asphalt shingle made from a fiberglass mat and surfaced with mineral granules. BP’s shingles are made with elastomeric modified asphalt that makes them more flexible, more durable and assures the highest level of resistance against nature’s worst weather.

Once you have selected one of the fourteen available colors of Mystique Shingles, you should then choose a BP Certified Roofer to apply them.

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