How Solar Roofing Saves You Money in 2023

Solar Power is Increasingly Popular

Solar power is an increasingly popular alternative energy efficiency that people are using in their homes. Whether you live if you get some sun every day or at least good daily light, you can utilize solar power to create energy for your home and the energy grid. If you want to learn more about how Sargeants Roofing can help you install solar power and a solar power roof in Canada in your home, read on!


Solar Panels and Solar Tiles

Solar Panels and solar roof tiles Canada will pay for themselves in an average of three years or less. In places that get a lot of sun, this process of paying yourself back could be over in about two years! The money that can be saved with solar power and the money made selling power back to the grid can add up.


Saving Money

To save money on your power bill, especially in the winter or the hot part of the year where you are using a lot of energy to keep your home warm and cool, is one of the significant advantages of solar energy. You will not be able to use all of the power that your home generates every month with adequately installed solar panels! 



Federal Tax Credit

2023 Federal solar tax incentives can credit you back a large amount of the cost of the installation of your solar power solutions in your home. We know all about the available tax benefits, and we can help you navigate this process when completing your install. We are an experienced Edmonton solar company and know our way around the laws and regulations of solar power.


Adds Value to Your Home

Solar power can add value to your home as well. You will be able to get money back when you sell your home because you installed solar energy in the home or on the property. This added value can pay you back over time in many ways, and the value of your home at the time of a sale is a significant added value.


Work With Best Solar Roofing Team!

Working with a qualified and experienced solar energy installation expert is essential when you choose to install solar energy in your home. At Sargeants Roofing, we know all about installing this beneficial and environmentally friendly energy solution, and we can take care of every step of the process for you!