How to Locate a Roof Leak


roof-leak-infographicWith all the rain lately, we find it crucial to show home owners how to find a leak in your roof.

How to locate a roof leak:

A leak in your roof can be extremely detrimental to the overall structure of your home. Leaks in your roof can lead to a number of hazardous issues such as mold growth as well as the pooling of moisture throughout your home which can lead to structural damage and more. Finding in locating a roof leak is just important as locating and repairing leaks can work to prevent more costly repairs. There are some of the top ways to locate a roof leak.

  • Follow the signs of a leak: if you happen to see droplets of water inside your home or you can track the areas that are wet, stained and discolored on your ceiling you can often find the location of a leak. You may also be able to track down where the leak is based off of the odor of collecting water.
  • Don’t be afraid to check the attic: have a professional contractor check the attic for signs of leak or go up to the attic yourself. With a flashlight you should be able to see where the drips are beginning in your roof and you may even start to see some of the mold that might be forming as a result of the leak.
  • Explore the roof: get a professional to go up on the roof or climb up the ladder to do a quick and close-up inspection of the roof. The contractor may spray down the roof to find the location of the leak or even tear back a few shingles that might be propped up in order to locate the leak.
  • Try the walls: Dormer walls can sometimes be the cause of a roof leak. Checking the structural integrity of these walls can give you an idea of whether or not the roof may be leaking at the edges.

Doing each one of these visual checks will help you locate a roof leak and repair it. Get a professional to repair your roof and then have a mold remediation company deal with any of the remnants of mold so that you can live in a healthier environment.

Today’s homes are getting increasingly intricate in design and it can be difficult to get into the attic, or to get a good a view inside it. Many of the homes we visit, it is nearly impossible to get from one side of the roof to the other. Always be careful in your home!

Bonus: What to do if Hail Hits your Home!

There isn’t really a good reason for you to do this yourself other than to make sure you are educated, and able to prevent being taken advantage of by contractors. We offer free inspections and provide photographic evidence of our findings in all our estimates so you know exactly what the problem is, how serious it is, and how we plan to fix it.

A small roof repair ranges in price from $350 to $2000. Generally anything past $2000 it is time to look at a full replacement of the roofing system, but that is a broad generalization. Contact us for a more personalized quote.

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