Safeguard Against Roof-Eating Critters

Roof Maintenance and Mother Nature

When we think of spring in Edmonton, we generally picture a grassy meadow filled with wildflowers. In the middle of the field, a cluster of forest creatures is frolicking, singing, and generally rejoicing in the merriment that all small forest creatures engage in. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and even a couple of field mice, dressed in hats, of course, represent the peaceful nature of these common critters. Now, if we were living in an animated movie, this would be a scene that could be entirely believable. Unfortunately, these creatures are not concerned with singing and dancing, but only seeking shelter and a safe spot to raise their young. Now if they find a nice hollow log, everything will be great but these types of critters are known to invade residential roofs and wreak havoc once they make their way inside. At Sargeant’s Roofing, we are Edmonton’s roofing repair experts and we can handle the damage these cute creatures can inflict on the roof of your home.

Evicting the Critters

Squirrels and raccoons are one of the usual suspects when it comes to roof damage. It really isn’t their fault, your home is just so much more warm and dry than an old dead tree. For all of their good intentions, these creatures can cause a huge mess if not dealt with immediately. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if there are actually critters living in your roof, and at other times, it can be glaringly obvious. There can be scratching, crazy noises, chewing sounds, and even really foul smells from waste. If any of these conditions are observed an animal control professional should be consulted.

Make sure you choose a pest control company that will remove the animals without killing them. Avoid those companies that push the use of poisons as these can have a wide-sweeping effect on all sorts of wildlife. Generally, when poisons are used, the animal dies outside of the intended area and can be eaten by another predator, effectively killing the predator too. Raptors are particularly susceptible to the effects of poisons and it kills hundreds of them every year. A humane pest control option is live traps, this way the animal can be relocated and live out its life away from your home.

Assessing the Damage

Once the creatures in your attic are gone, either because they moved on or a pest control professional removed them, it is time to get up there and assess the damage. For as small as these creatures can be, they are very good at destroying your roof and the damage may be much worse than initially thought. The ultimate goal of a raccoon is to get inside where there is nice warm insulation and that usually means eating a hole in the roof. Sometimes these holes can be in spots where they are very obvious or in areas that are obscured from vision. A major contributing factor is overhanging foliage. Branches and trees are like highways for critters and will put your roof at risk for these curious animals.

A professional roofing company like Sargeant’s Roofing can come out and inspect your roof for damage. This part of the process is critical to preventing all sorts of problems like leaks and mold. We will determine the best course of action depending on the age of your roof and the extent of the damage. Many times it will be a major process to repair the roof and it may be just as cost-effective to replace the whole thing. Of course, we will keep you informed about all options and we will never try to sell you a whole roof when simple repairs are all that is needed.

Stay On Top of It

One of the best things you can do for your roof is get up there are look around every so often. This way you might be able to identify problems when they arise. Of course, climbing up on the roof can be a scary proposition and should be done by a professional, there is no need for you to risk your life if you just want to perform an inspection. Contact the roofing professionals at Sargeant’s Roofing and we can come out to check your roof for critter damage. Next time we are going to talk a bit about what can happen if a meteor hits your roof, or more realistically, emergency roof repair.