The Pros and Cons of Solar Roofing in 2023



Pros and Cons of Solar Roofing

If you have been trying to decide if alternative energy solutions are right for you and are not familiar with the advantages of solar energy, you need to check out the best solar roof in Canada in 2023. Solar roof tiles can make your home more efficient and help you save the environment while saving money. Sargeants Roofing is the premier Edmonton solar company for a reason!


Return on Investment

Return on investment is one of the critical advantages of solar energy. Your solar roof installation will pay you back many times over as you save money on power and even get to sell some power back to the grid every month! As prices on power rise in 2023 this is more important for home owners in Edmonton seeking to reduce their power bill and increase the value in their home. All factors to consider when determining Solar ROI. 


Renewable and Clean Energy

Renewable, clean energy is a significant benefit to investing in solar panels. You can be confident that you are improving the environment and helping out every day to make a better world for everyone.


Counteract Utility Costs

Being able to counteract rising utility costs frees up your money to help you do home improvements and take vacations and spend money on things that you enjoy. There is nothing worse than high bills in the winter for heat or in the summer or cooling, but solar panels can spare you from this outcome every year. 


Add Value to Your Home

Solar panel solutions will add value to your home, and they are attractive and will not impact your curb appeal. You will not have to have a solar array in your front yard with current technologies to do your part to protect the environment.


Invest in Solar Energy Today!

Investing in solar energy solutions is a big step but well worth it. We can help you find the perfect solar panel arrangement for your needs, and we are the premier company to work with for your solar panel installation. We at Sargeants Roofing can help you save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency.