The Pros of Solar Roofing

No matter what the time of year, Edmonton’s climate makes energy demands on your home’s power grid. During our frigid winters, you need to keep the heaters blasting, and when it warms up in the summer, you need to keep cool. There doesn’t seem to be a break from the costs that are associated with these energy demands — unless there was a better way.

Solar panels from Sargeant’s Solar Roofing are a great, cost-effective way to start changing the way your home utilizes energy. Believe it or not, saving money on electricity is just the beginning of the benefits you can experience from the installation of solar panel systems on your home. 

Drastically Reduce Your Energy Costs

Depending on the energy demands your family requires, you can drastically reduce, and in some cases outright eliminate your energy bill. Did you know that Edmonton experiences, on average, 325 sunny days a year? That’s a lot of solar energy that might be simply passing you by. 

On days with abundant sunshine, a solar panel system installed on your home can easily collect and store enough energy to power your home without any issues. In fact, on most sunny days, your solar system may collect more power than it needs and can store that collected energy into solar energy storage devices to be drawn upon when needed. 

While your home may still need to draw from the power grid on occasion, it’s entirely possible to practically eliminate your dependency on it. Imagine experiencing energy independence like that — after making one big investment in your roof, you may never have to cut a big check to the power company again.

Take Advantage of Available Tax Credits and Local Regulations

Did you know that Alberta has several tax credits and incentives for homeowners who choose to invest in solar energy? In an effort to reduce our province’s dependence on coal-generated power, many programs have been introduced that you may be able to take advantage of, reducing your long-term costs, and even returning some credit back into your pocket. 

For example, some residents of Edmonton can take advantage of the “Change Homes for Climate” solar program, a program specifically created to help Edmontonians install solar systems and produce renewable, solar energy. Depending on how your home qualifies, you could reduce the cost of going solar by as much as 15%. 

If your solar panels are particularly outstanding at collecting and storing solar energy, it’s even possible that your power company can start crediting you for excess energy supplied back to the grid. This is all thanks to the Alberta Micro-Generation regulation that was put in place back in 2008. Imagine if your roof could pay you for adopting solar energy! For many, it’s absolutely possible. The reason these types of policies and regulations have been put in place is to incentivize homeowners in Edmonton to be adopters of alternative energy and to make the process as appealing and painless as possible. 

Immediately Start Saving Money and Increasing Your Home Value

If you’re considering making the switch to solar power, take a moment and look at the total amount of money you spent on electricity last year. It’s probably a lot more than you wish you’d spent, right? If you don’t have your data right in front of you, the average energy costs for Albertans is just shy of $2,000 annually.

With a solar system installed on your home’s roof, you can start reducing, or even eliminate, that number the very same day your system goes live, because here’s the thing — once you have the panels installed, it doesn’t cost anything to capture solar energy. 

Did you know that solar panels can increase your home’s resale value? It’s especially appealing to a potential buyer that is looking for a solar-powered home. Depending on how robust a solar system you have installed, you could increase the resale value of your home by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars. 

Finally, solar panels can actually extend the lifespan of your roof! The reasoning behind this is surprisingly practical — with solar panels installed, your roof will be more protected from the elements. Your roof will also remain much cooler during the warm summer months, as that warm solar energy will be absorbed by your solar panels instead of superheating your attic. 

Create a Better Tomorrow

Regardless of how you feel about the traditional ways that we rely on energy production, solar power is undeniably better for the environment. Solar power is 100% clean energy derived directly from the sun! For every home that installs a solar panel system on their home, it’s one less house that is depending on fossil fuels that produce harmful greenhouse gasses. Because these traditional sources of energy are finite resources, the price is constantly fluctuating, and you’re more or less at the mercy of the power company. Solar roofing puts you in control of your energy spending, and its source is abundant, clean, and not going anywhere anytime soon. This simple step can help pave the way for a brighter, cleaner, healthier tomorrow for future generations.

Install a Solar Roof in Edmonton

Even simply exploring these four ways installing a solar roofing system can be a benefit to your home, we can safely say that the pros far outweigh the cons. If you have any additional questions about how solar roofing can completely change how your home handles energy consumption, contact Sargeant’s Solar Roofing today! We can schedule a consultation to discuss all of the possibilities that are available in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.